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    01. What speed and range does the RAD 40 have?

    We are developing a dataset with our early customers, but this is highly dependent on the battery capacity, use profile and vessel hull efficiency. Typically, small electric boats are designed with 1-2 hours at full power depending on boat type. For the RAD 40 this would mean a 40-80kWh battery choice. Endurance at reduced speeds is usually far greater as drag decreases dramatically with small speed reductions.

    02. What is included with the RAD 40?

    RAD 40 drive, a choice of propeller and a mounting kit. RADBUS steering and throttle control – including lever and steering wheel, RADBUS kill cord and chart plotter interface. Batteries and power distribution units (PDU) are not included.

    03. Can you supply batteries?

    We will be able to provide complete system packs from our 3rd party supplier in the near future. We can also work with a boatbuilder’s chosen supplier if sufficient volumes are involved.

    04. When will the RAD 40 be available for delivery?

    The first RAD 40 units will be shipping from Q2 2023.

    05. Are you looking for distributors?

    Not at present but we would be keen to take your details and keep in touch. Please complete our contact form.