About Us


We build the marine products of the future. Our mission is to deliver:


Exceptional user experience 

State of the art product design, engineering, and technology

Sustainable products

Brand trust and first-rate customer care


RAD was founded in 2018 by Dan Hook and Rich Daltry, who previously built and developed some of the World’s most advanced marine robot boats for the offshore industry, defence and oceanographic sectors. They saw an opportunity to deploy technologies found in ocean robotics to serve the wider marine industry.


2022 Q4 RAD 40 launches

We launch our first product, the RAD 40 to the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam.

2021 Q3 – 2022 Q3 RAD 40 product development accelerates

From motor to propeller and everything in-between we worked hard developing the RAD 40 electric outboard and its RADBus connected throttle, kill cord and steering.

2021 Q4 RAD moves into new premises

In December 2021 we moved into new offices and workshops at Universal Marina near Southampton, UK.

2021 Q2 RAD starts production product development

We started developing our RAD 40 product in 2021. Being our first full production product we aimed to target a broad market and so chose to develop a 40kW, 400V outboard for small craft.

2021 Q1 RAD completes RIM Drive R&D and focusses on the RADBus control architecture

In 2021 we completed research and development of the thin section RIM drive technology securing IP and knowhow for future RIM drive products. In addition, we began developing the RADBus control architecture to be ready for the first RAD products in 2022. This included early prototypes of the RADThrottle and RADLink.

2020 RAD awarded grant funding to develop the RIM Drive technology

In 2020 we continued the research and development of the innovative thin section RIM drive technology with Innovate UK funding. We focussed on building our robust supply chain ready for further product development efforts.

2019 RAD partners with RS Electric Boats and opens first office

We partnered with RS Electric to develop a RIM drive for its innovative Pulse electric RIB We moved to offices at Fareham Innovation Centre.

2018 RAD Propulsion founded

Richard Daltry and Dan Hook started RAD Propulsion with a vision of re-imagining marine propulsion using the advantages of the latest electric technology, computing power and connectivity to ensure a step forward in usability and performance.