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Revolutionising Marine Electric Propulsion

Intuitive, connected, sustainable and safe electric marine propulsion products built to last.

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Designed and built in house by a team of specialist engineers with over 100 years experience of the harsh marine environment.


Connected products with real time intelligent feedback both onboard and via the RAD app.


Tough by design and easy to maintain, hubless rim drive motors with internal blades that protect the propeller and reduce entanglement.


Complete confidence with cutting edge safety features to ensure ease of use in and out of the water.


Environmental impact at the forefront with 100% electric sustainable products.


Lightweight, portable product for paddleboards and kayaks, is easy to set up allows you to travel greater distances more easily.


  • 1 kW (peak) Hubless Drive
  • Suitable for paddleboards, kayaks, very small tenders


A robust, compact and lightweight product for tenders and small vessels. The most portable and user friendly 2kW drive on the marketplace with a unique ergonomic folding design, making it easy to operate and take on and off.


  • 2kW (Peak) Hubless Drive
  • Separate floating battery for ease of transportation and charging, drive @9kg and battery @7kg
  • Class leading capacity enabling increased range
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • RAD Tag included
  • Quick fit to tender from a safe position inboard
  • Innovative folding mechanism for easy tilt up / down; foldable for carrying and fitting in car boots and lockers
  • Daylight viewable display for real time speed, range and battery information
  • Additional batteries available to increase range further

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  • Product Information
    Weight minus battery ~9kg
    Weight plus battery 16 kg
    Battery weight 7kg
    Efficiency Motor: 95%, Controller: 90%, Propeller: 53%
    Power 2 kW
    HP equivalent 5 bhp
    Voltage 24 VDC
    Size / dimensions Prop diameter: 220mm Short shaft leg length to top of duct: 360mm
    Thrust 350 N @ 5 knots
    Control RADBus-linked Twist grip with forward and reverse control
    RADTag Safety lanyard
    Cloud connectivity
    Connected Yes
    Battery capacity 1.3kWh


Powerful drive providing complete operating confidence, which can be left on day boats or small RIBs whilst still being easily removable and storable when required and out of season.


  • 10kW (Peak) Hubless Drive


All the features of a larger drive, this outboard is optimised for use on ribs and yachts, easy to maintain and built to last.


  • 20kW (Peak) Hubless Drive



Our largest drive with intuitive operating features, providing a safe and reliable propulsion system for ribs and powerboats. Stylish, lightweight and extremely compact with a class leading power to weight ratio. The RAD40 motor can easily be optimised and deployed as an outboard, stern drive, fixed or steering sail / pod drive and even as a retractable drive.


  • 40kW (Peak) Hubless Drive
  • Compatible with 100V (nominal) system
  • 300mm propeller diameter
  • Optimised for 0-20 knots – the right speed range for electric boats wanting to go the distance
  • Flush deck to transom access to facilitate swimming, towing and safety applications
  • Ultra-low maintenance – only one moving part for maximum reliability
  • Individual propeller blades, easily replaced if required
  • Passive water-cooling system – no pumps or additional wiring needed

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  • Product Information
    Weight minus battery ~60 kg
    Weight plus battery
    380 kg for 57 kW hours / variable according to spec
    Battery weight
    Variable according to spec
    Motor: 95%, Controller: 90%, Propeller: 63%
    Power 40 kW
    HP equivalent 60 bhp
    Voltage 96 VDC
    Size / dimensions
    Prop diameter: 300 mm
    Drive overall height: 880 mm
    Duct diameter: 354 mm
    2100 N @ 20 knots
    RADBus Throttle lever with RADTag Safety Lanyard
    Connected Yes
    Battery capacity
    variable (typical: 57 kWh)

RAD Throttle

Throttle unit with built in RADLink which enables increased thrust control with reduced maintenance requirements resulting in lower running costs.

RAD Throttle Quarter RAD Throttle Front


  • Precise electronic throttle control
  • Trim and tilt control
  • Bluetooth to RAD App
  • NMEA 2000 connection to third party devices
  • RAD Tag safety lanyard interface
  • Built in GPS
  • Motion logging


A programmable safety lanyard for all drives, connects directly to RADLink.


  • Magnetic attachment
  • Kill cord replacement

RADBus and Technology

  • RAD Throttle

    An ergonomic, connected throttle controlling our larger outboards and drives. Works seamlessly via our proprietary RADBus.

  • RAD Tag

    RFID tag which docks magnetically to RAD Tag interfaces and includes kill cord functionality.

  • Interface to 3rd party displays

    Displays critical information via NMEA2K compatible displays, including:

    • Range
    • Battery temperature
    • Battery status
    • Trim angle
  • RAD App & Cloud

    4G and Bluetooth connectivity enabling our users to:

    • Share location
    • Track battery usage
    • Monitor performance
  • RAD Battery

    The interface with 3rd party power delivery units and/or battery management systems. Provides continuous monitoring of the battery’s health and range.

  • RAD40 Outboard

    Built in motor controller and RADBus ensures constant two way communication and performance feedback.

About RAD

The founders of RAD Propulsion have a background in developing ground-breaking marine robotic ASVs for the Oil & Gas, defence and oceanographic sectors. It was here that they discovered that existing, on-the-market electric propulsion systems were lacking in smart, connected technologies, quality and durability.

RAD was formed in 2018 to develop high quality bespoke propulsion systems for all types of marine applications, from kayaks to zero emission vessels, using the expertise of a team of naval architects, systems engineers and automotive experts.

Meet the Team

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