RAD partners with Hyrex boats


Norway is a fantastic place for boating adventures and an early technology adopter. When it comes to electric cars Norway’s Road Traffic Information Council (OFV) announced that 82.9% of all new cars registered in between January and March 2022 were all-electric.

RAD is working with leading Norwegian marine technology company, Hyrex. As well as developing a class leading boat, the Hyrex 28, its hydrogen fuel cell systems (the Boost 300 and Boost 600) are providing exciting alternatives to batteries.

RAD and RS build more boats together


RS Electric boats designed something special with the Pulse 63 RIB. They have developed versions for the leisure, commercial, superyacht and sail coaching markets. RAD has worked closely with their team to provide motors, drive integration, throttles and interfaces to the boats. You will see more and more of these craft on the water in the coming months.

RAD project supported by the UK Government


RAD is proud to be working with Optima Electric Boats who are developing a range of ultra-efficient electric leisure boats with a unique low-energy hull form to give extended range and comfort with zero-emission electric propulsion. The project is supported by a government grant as part of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition – Round 1.